Help! I Accidentally Upgraded to Windows 11

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A reader accidentally accepted a Windows 11 upgrade. “Today I got a pop-up to upgrade to Windows 11. At this time I don’t want an upgrade. I didn’t want to click on “decline” so I clicked “got it”. However, the upgrade started. I paused the upgrade for 7 days. Evidently, I can pause it for up to 35 days but then it will resume. Is there some way I can stop the upgrade? My computer is only 2 years old. I prefer to keep Windows 10.”

Honestly, if you have a newer computer, the upgrade to Windows 11 shouldn’t cause you any problems. I find very little difference between it and Windows 10.

However, if you want to hold off, here’s what to do. Go ahead and let the Windows 11 upgrade go through. This will take a little time, but should not affect your files or programs. You might want to look around Windows 11 to see if you think you’ll like it.

Or you can immediately reverse the upgrade by typing recovery options into the search box and clicking on the results.

Instead, allow the upgrade to complete. Then immediately go to Start menu > Settings > System > Recovery and ‘Go back’ to Windows 10.

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