How can I darken text?

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A reader is not happy with the way text looks on most websites:

“I have much difficulty reading the text of most websites. I need the text to be darker. I am using an extension called Darken Text. It helps a bit. But, do you have a fix so that text will show up much darker?”

You are certainly not along with that complaint. The default look for websites these days seems to be gray text as opposed to the high contrast you get from black text. The trick with making every website look darker is that the layout of each website is up to the people who design it, so any extensions you use have to adjust how each website was created.

One alternative is to switch to a high-contrast theme, if you’re using Chrome browser, they have one called High Contrast. But instead of darker letters, you’ll see white letters on a dark background. This theme won’t change everything on your browser, some pages are not designed to be modified.

If you’re using a PC, there is an option of a high-contrast theme with a lighter background. Type contrast themes into your search box and click on the results.

The Desert theme offers a lighter background with dark text. However, just as with the Chrome theme, you’ll find it does not change every webpage. Right

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