Happy Anniversary To Me

My recent wedding anniversary celebration was eventful. It included a room with a view.

A lovely gift of flowers.

Dinner from a brand new place to eat.

Plus a backless gown and some new boots.

And also thyroid surgery. In true middle-aged Appalachian fashion, I got myself a goiter. Or rather, a large thyroid cyst that kept filling up with fluid and had to go. So, for a co-pay roughly the price of a Royal Caribbean Cruise, I had it removed on the day of my anniversary. Big fun for the hubby and I. Everything went well, and I was released the next day.

I’m now sporting a rather gnarly scar where the tennis-ball sized annoyance was removed, but I’m fine and rocking a lot of attractive scarves this spring. Alas, middle-age and up is when body parts you didn’t even know you had begin to fail.

I haven’t been in a hospital since I was a child, so I did get a lot of material for later use. I actually wish I’d had the chance to do this before I wrote ‘Grace Under Fire.’ I could have used the hospital stuff for color.

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Me

  1. So glad to hear you’re doing good, Cyn. I had a goiter as well – many years ago. What they did back then was give a radio-active iodine capsule to swallow in order to destroy the goiter. Now have an underactive thyroid. It’s great you’re doing well. And keep up the great work that you do on your website. Love it and so appreciate all the tips and instructions. God bless.

  2. What a novel way to announce an operation! But then, you ARE a novelist, aren’t you – so that figures. Congratulations on getting that goiter removed! I didn’t know people still got those.

  3. You’re with us and that’s terrific. Sometimes the roads to which we are detoured give us the grace and wisdom to help those who, in turn, need our support, something we couldn’t give had we not traveled on a similar road.

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