How to Tell if A Google Security Alert is Real

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Scammers frequently target people with fake security alerts. So, how can you tell if a Google security alert is real. Turns out it’s pretty easy.

Just open your browser and head over to

Then click on Security.

In the center pane, look for Recent security activity. This is where you’ll see any actual alerts for the past 28 days. If you don’t see the alert there, it isn’t real.

One thought on “How to Tell if A Google Security Alert is Real

  1. Tried to print your response to this email – “How to Tell if a Google Security Alert is Real” and Page 1 of 3 just shows Subject/From/Date/To – your picture at the bottom. The rest is blank, then it prints the page that shows the selection with Security highlighted. The last page shows Recent security activity and How you sign in to Google.

    I tried highlighting what I wanted to print and that didn’t work.

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