How Good Grammar Saves Lives

This helpful site uses humor to illustrate the most common grammar mistakes. For example:

“Hunters take caution while hunting pedestrians using walk trails” has an entirely different meaning than “Hunters take caution while hunting, pedestrians using walk trails.”

The site highlights what it calls the “5 Most Dangerous Grammar Mistakes.”

  1. Questionable Commas
  2. Possessive Apostrophes
  3. Suspicious Quotation Marks
  4. Aggressive Exclamation Points
  5. Confusing Contractions

Using funny examples, the site explains how mistakes happen and offers practical tips of how to set your sentences straight. I particularly appreciated the section on the misuse of apostrophes. That drives me up the wall, especially when I’m the one who makes the mistake.

Even if you’re an excellent grammarian, you’ll enjoy reading the examples of how a forgotten comma can turn a sentence deadly. Example: “We’re going to cut and paste, kids.” vs. “We’re going to cut and paste kids.”

Click the link below to check it out:

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