Make a call with Zoom – part 2

This week, we’re looking at the basics of the Zoom video-conferencing app. Yesterday, I showed you how to sign up. (Click here to read part 1.)

Today, we’ll get started on the basics of making a call.  You can start by clicking here to going to the Zoom website.

zoom screen

In the upper right, you’ll see options to Schedule a Meeting, Join a Meeting, or Host a Meeting. For this demo, we’ll choose Host a Meeting.


If you host a meeting, you can choose to have video on or off. You can also choose just to share what’s on your computer screen. For this demonstration, we’ll have Video on.


Agree to open the Zoom App


Give permission to turn on your microphone.

join with audio

You may see a little nag pop-up that suggests upgrading to the paid version. That’s not necessary to use the app.


Here’s what the mobile app looks like. Tap on New Meeting to start your own meeting.


Tap to start your meeting.


Here’s the basic screen on a computer.


Here it is on a phone.

meeting screen

In part 3, we’ll start our first call. Click here to read.

3 thoughts on “Make a call with Zoom – part 2

  1. Cynthia, I felt it was important to make sure you saw this:

    I personally despise Facebook and deactivated my account over their pathetic track record of safeguarding uswrs’ most personal information (I have a Pro account with Gab). Yet, as you had pointed out, thousands of organizations routinely share user information with Facebook.

    It’s not easy to safeguard our personal information online when so many entities with which we interact are so careless with it!

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