Zoom Video Calls – Part 4

We’ve been learning how to make video calls using the Zoom video conferencing service this week.

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Now that we’ve started our video call, let’s check out a few important controls.


Your controls for the call are at the bottom of the screen.


You can mute the audio or stop the video on your end if you need to at the bottom. left.


Click on Share to share a screen from your computer with everyone.


This screen will open.


Under the Basic tab, you can choose which screen on your device you want to share.


Under the File tab, you can share files that you’ve saved in cloud storage.


Click the Chat button.


And you’ll open a chat window on the side. This is especially helpful if your group is watching a presentation and would like to communicate or ask questions.


Type your message in the box.


Click on Record to record and save your chat.


You do have a time limit when you use the free version. One on one chats are unlimited but group chats are limited to 40 minutes.

Hope this is enough to get you started. Any questions? Let me know.




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