Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF is a great, free software for reading PDF files on your PC, Mac, or Linux PC. Yesterday, I showed you how to download an install the app. (click here to read that article) Today, we’ll explore the program.

Start by opening Foxit.

There’s a nag screen that attempts to sell you their premium PDF editor but you’re under no obligation.

Let’s open up a PDF file. Start by clicking on the File tab.

Choose Open. Then look for the file on your computer.

Select the PDF.

The PDF will open.

Since this file is filling up the screen, I’ll click the View tab and then Zoom.

Select a size that works from the drop-down menu.

You can also adjust the size with a slider bar at the bottom right.

Use the arrows at the top or scroll through the PDF to navigate pages.

You have the choice of several viewing modes.

Here’s the standard view.

If I hit Text Viewer, you’ll get text only.

Reverse View lets you look at pages in reverse order.

Your next options are to rotate the PDF or change the page layout.

View single or multiple pages.

This program has so many features, it would take a dozen articles to address them all. We’ll look at more of them in the future. For now, I’d suggest checking out Foxit’s excellent user manual at this link:

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